The Story Bag

Introducing The Story Bag

Having a passion for riding I really enjoy having The Story for me to enjoy my ride.

Am I wrong, I mean a Saddle Cloth matching Boots or Bandages is the reason the Story Bag has been developed. I like to feel fabulous and having my horse looking his best. Its all part of the riding journey.

Even the toughest critics tend to have a branded pad with boots – you know who you are but don’t like to admit it – yes, we are those people.

I had my luxury saddle pads sitting out in the dust, plus when travelling they got dirty or worst still, I would arrive without a piece of my story plus I never see my desired colour all together in one place.

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The Story Bag - Single

$30.00 Inc Postage

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The Story Bag - 2 pack

$50.00 Inc Postage

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The Story Bag - 3 pack

$70.00 Inc Postage

Please Note: The Story Bag you are purchasing does not come with any items or contents. It is supplied empty and is intended for you to fill with your own items as needed. Any images or depictions of items within the product packaging are for illustrative purposes only and are not included with the purchase.